Real Football 2013

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A goal through the corner


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Real Football 2013 is a spectacular soccer game, that following Gameloft´s franchise, will allows us to enjoy one of the most entertaining `Race Modes´ we can find. In it we will have to choose a captain which will be a real player in the Spanish Soccer League and the rest of the players will be made up. As we win games and earn money we will be able to sign up more and more real talents for our team.

As well as buying players, we will have to improve many other aspects of our team, like the club facilities or the stadium itself. When we make these improvements, we will also earn access to new competitions and as a consequence, better rewards for each game we win.

Now, where the real fun in Real Football 2013 resides is in the simulator. The game doesn´t manage to offer the depth of tactics of games for game consoles or workstations but it does have a direct and entertaining mechanic which will get progressively more complex.

Scoring a goal will be relatively simple against smaller teams, but as we go along we will notice that the bigger teams will make things more and more difficult. And this is the way it should be.

Real Football 2013 is a very entertaining soccer game, which will charm the fans of this sport. Furthermore, even though it doesn´t have all the official licenses, it does have many of the real names of the players (photographs included).